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Redefining the way you think about wealth.

REAL WEALTH is about more than dollars and cents.

How you save. Where you invest. What you believe. It all makes a difference when it comes to building wealth. Whether you're following your dreams, planning your legacy, or hoping to leave the world a better place than you found it, at Foley & Foley Wealth Strategies our advisors are committed to helping you make the most of your money. We believe that your financial future is about more than retirement, and that real wealth is about more than dollars and cents.

Real wealth comes from living your best life and being able to pass on the blessings.


Your unique story should be the start of your custom plan.

Our advisors are more than money managers; we're financial stewards. When you allow us the privilege of helping you build your wealth, we understand that you are entrusting us with your future. We pride ourselves in offering highly personalized service, listening closely to your unique story, and understanding your specific needs and goals, so that we can help you achieve confidence in your financial future. Our stewardship of your resources focuses on both your future and your present cash management concerns, and we're committed to helping you balance your specific cash-on-hand needs for family expenses and business outflows.


Expect nothing less than open, honest, full disclosure.

We're more than money managers; we're financial stewards.

Knowing you is our greatest goal, and that means communicating openly and honestly with you regularly—in the manner that is most efficient for you. As your life and goals evolve (and the market continues to change), our job is to ensure that your financial plan evolves with you. Many of our clients tell us that listening carefully and giving full-disclosure feedback is one of the things we do best, and we can think of no greater compliment.


Investing in community is one of the best investments of all.

As wealth advisors, we're part of a financial community. As individuals, we're part of our local community.

And as friends to our clients and stewards of their resources, we're part of an even wider circle. We take great satisfaction in helping our clients connect with the right people, whether that means assisting with a job search, matching individuals with a service they need, or introducing clients who share related interests.  We expand our community every day in these informal ways, as well as through more formal events aimed at clients in particular circles of influence who share similar interests and passions.


Your wealth advisors should help you make the most of your money...and your life.

Foley & Foley Wealth Strategies advisors are here to be your partner in living a life aligned with your goals. By helping you build wealth for yourself and your family, you can, in turn, work towards creating a lasting legacy.